Ceramic Pink Faceted 8mm Polished Band CER19-6.5

Ceramic Pink Faceted 8mm Band CER19 size 6.5 P96

FORE (Golf) Set of 6 Painted Wine Glass Charms or Markers 1407P

Wine Accessory Sets
Don't FORE-get Dad! The Fore golf wine charm collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys great golf.

Since each set has six unique, individual charms, you can easily identify your glass by the charm attached around its stem. Score a hole in one with this one!

Includes: Golf cart charm, Golf bag charm, Golf clubs charm, Golf Ball and Tee charm, Golf Flag Pole charm, Golfer charm.

From That Wine is Mine!

Set of SIX wine glass charms, painted icons of the Game of Golf
Charms are easily attached to the Stems of Winr Glasses
You'll always know whose glass is whose
We offer over fifty different sts of wine glass charms
A great wine lover gift